A Man’s Home Within a Man’s Home

There was once a man who lives in a high-rise apartment in English Bay, Vancouver. I met him in a Garden Show in Waterfront. We had lunch together in White Tower Greek Restaurant. Since then, we became great buddies. He invited me into his flat and it’s the first time I saw and experienced the red poang chair. Sitting on the poang makes destressing effortless. It has a bentwood frame which has a light and soft bouncy feel. It follows the contours of the body and brace the lower back and neck makes leaning back so comfortable. 


The red poang chair is my bud’s favourite chair. He was so attached to it that he brought it with him when we moved here in the prairies. He actually have two poang chairs. The other one is white with a foot stool but was always ignored. The movers lost one of the screws and the poor chair was set aside. The all-time-favourite red poang in the living room contrasting the massive sectional couch is now worn out. The fabric cover was ragged showing off the cottony texture of the inside. Despite the condition, my buddy still loves it. He sits on the red poang chair every time we watch boxing, television series, movies and youtube videos while I sit on the nest I made on our sectional couch which now became my favourite spot. We tried to switch one day, me on the poang chair and him on the nest. It felt so comfortable yet so weird. I felt like a man. I felt so powerful as I look at my buddy lying on the couch. I have always been wondering why he won’t sit with me on the couch. It is the red poang chair. The chair of a man. 

One of man’s essential is his chair. He does a lot of things in is chair. Aside from watching his favourite sports (boxing and English soccer), he drinks his favourite beverage, he contemplates, he thinks.

The Red Poang Chair is my buddy’s home within his home.


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