The Barbecue Season is Coming!

It was a clear and sunny day today. 23 °C on a Friday night, my best-loved day of the week. The anticipation of a good Friday dinner, waking up in a Saturday morning realizing we can sleep in for all we want.

Neil came in the pharmacy at 6 o’clock to pick me up. He found me at the dairy section of Save-On-Foods Store while I was looking for boxes of fresh eggs. He was cooking so we rushed to go home. He prepared a lovely dinner for us. Cabbage and pork irish style, mushroom and onions and the juicy grilled-to-perfection rib eye steak. It’s lovely and healthy. After dinner, we went to grab some house stuff from Wal-Mart. Walked a bit, bought beer from the liquor store  on the way home and then watch The Late Late Show.

The weather was gorgeous. Fresh warm air, bright sunny day makes me so excited about the barbecue season. While Neil is grilling the rib eye steak, I was getting so thrilled to making plans for summer. My parents and my elder sister are coming here in the prairies to visit. One thing is for sure, our summer is gonna be grand. We will have lots of great outdoor barbecue days. Busy but carefree and radiant.

We have a Coleman Grill at home. It uses natural gas which is way better than propane. We just connect it to our house, we don’t run out of gas at all unless the gas company runs out after four decades. We don’t worry about tanks to refill or about running out in the middle of a big cook. Burns clean, grilling is great. Since summer is coming soon, we need to have our grill in top shape. We want to make sure we’ll have a safe grilling season.

How To Get the Grills in Top Shape.

1. Clean the grill by removing the charred coating. Dry-scrub the grill and the inside surfaces using a non-scratch sponge and use an emery cloth on uncoated steel. After dry-scrubbing, wash the surfaces with soap and water. Rinse well and dry thoroughly. For the exterior part, sponge off stainless-steel and enameled surfaces with warm soapy water and wipe dry.

2. Do a gas check. Make sure everything is safe.

3. The grill is clean in and out. Safety is checked carefully. Then it’s time to have the barbecue shopping list ready.

Steak, salmon, burger meat, chicken quarters, lamb chops, tiger prawns, potatoes and a whole lot more. Neil and I likes to grill fresh ones better than those thawed frozen cuts of meat.


Aside from meat, it’s always good to add some veggies. Zucchinis, tomatoes, asparagus, sweet corn, onions, potatoes and bell peppers are the best vegetables for grilling. Grilled vegetables are a healthy option when it comes time for some summertime grilling. The smoky flavor and the fresh grilled-vegetable scent makes you want some more. The combination of meat and vegetable is always good. Balance. Eating fresh fruits after the lovely barbecued dinner is even better.

barbecue food

The above photo is glimpse of our barbecue days last summer.

Since summer season is not just about grilling, Neil and I were planning to have a nice garden with comfortable furniture where we can lie down or sit down after work. Our back garden is very secluded and it would be nice to have a wooden swing bed or a rattan day bed in there. We were actually looking for a decent but reasonably priced items. We planned to have it all set up before the season comes. Browsing the stores checking out garden furniture is exciting. Well, I must say the thought of summer season is very exhilarating.

Get yourselves ready. When the weather is fab and the days are long, fire up the grill, round up your family and friends and have a lavish barbecue dinner.

Best of luck!

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