2013 Highlights

December 28th, three more days and we will say goodbye to 2013. It has been a wonderful year for my family and my friends. There have been a lot of summons on the way but they have become a marvelous learning experience for most of us. I would just like to share a sneak peak of my 2013 through captured moments.

February 2013. My fiance and I went to the Philippines for a 3-week holiday. Surely I missed the heat of the sun, humidity and sweat. My elder sister got married, we visited Aurora province and experienced serenity, explored and relished the stunning beach of Boracay Island, walked and shopped in the largest mall in Asia, wandered through the historical Intramuros, discovered Liliw in Laguna where you can find the best handcrafted footwear and ate in fancy Manila restaurants.


 Above photo : Baler Bay, taken from the top of Ermita Hill in Baler. What a wonderful sight.Image

My sisters wedding day (in pink cocktail dress). Preparing for the church ceremony. Photo taken in The Manila Peninsula.Image

San Agustin Church in Intramuros. Fabulous, historic church, with beautiful architechture and art.Image

And the crystal clear waters of beautiful Boracay. A very relaxing milieu. 

April to October 2013. A very good news for my mom, dad and my sister. Their visa to come and visit Canada was approved! It was their very first time in North America. Arrived in the gorgeous city of Vancouver first then all the way to the prairies. We have met our relatives in Calgary, attended family parties, stopped by the enchanting Fairmont Hotel in Banff, braved the gondola lift, took a peak of Lake Louise, walked in downtown Banff, experienced the wild in Lethbridge RV resort, sauntered the Glacier National Park, partied in fabulous Las Vegas, unlimited shopping and a whole more!


Glacier National Park. Waterton Lakes. Astonishing aquamarine blue waters. A little windy but we had a great time!Image

Gambled in Wynn Las Vegas Casino. Never won but it was all about the experience anyway.Image

The absolutely massive castle in the wonderland. Bewitching, fascinating The Fairmont Banff Springs.ImageImage

Charming Lake Louise and the fascinating view from the peak of the gondola lift overlooking at the Fairmont Banff Springs. What a beautiful creation of God and we are so lucky to have witnessed this heavenliness in the rockies.Image

The century old High Level Bridge in Lethbridge, Alberta also known as Lethbridge Viaduct, a massive steel that trestles the Oldman River. It is the largest railway structure in Canada and the largest of its type in the world.Image

Experienced wild life in Lethbridge RV Resort. Enjoyed the company of family and relatives. Had bonfires, unlimited barbeques and awesome smores! 



Bumped into a hollywood actor Kiefer Sutherland while in Downtown Calgary. 

Other than these amazing travels, what I loved the most is that when I go home from work and will have the pleasure of just sitting right away on the dining table and delight a tasty and flavorful dinner. And who’s cooking is it? My mother. Her cooking is one of those that I missed the most. Those days that we go to the shopping center, walked downtown Lethbridge, snacked in a Japanese restaurant, sat down for a coffee in Starbucks, shopped groceries with my family which I haven’t done for almost 5 years, those moments I will cherish forever.  



Mom and Dad’s first Thanksgiving Dinner in Canada. 

December 2013. My parents left Canada at the end of October. They have gone to Hong Kong after their visit here. It has been a year filled with travel for them and it was heart warming to know that they have enjoyed their time. My fiance visited his homeland, Ireland in October and he had an amazing time with family and friends. 

December is my birth month. I had a simple birthday celebration with Neil and my relatives. Had bridal showers for me and stag parties for Neil. 



This year, Hyatt Regency became our favorite hotel. Lots of decency going on in there and that absolutely gorgeous meal at Thompsons Restaurant was to die for.

Christmas with hunny.



There’s the photo of us two. Although we did not celebrate extravagantly nor we celebrated with our families, it has been a very gratifying day of the year for us. 

Year 2013 has been a very exciting year for us and our family but still we have to say goodbye and move on. Along with these incredible moments, there were many many more! Thanks to everyone who was a part of these great 2013 moments! I can’t wait for 2014!