Bubble World I South Burnaby, BC

Bubble World is a Chinese & Taiwanese Restaurant Chain in British Columbia. If I am not mistaken, there are 7 or 8 locations in BC. I haven’t been to any other locations except the one in South Burnaby. The restaurant is not grand but it is pretty decent. It’s a good place to have a good chat with a friend whom you haven’t seen for a long time or  if you and your hubby plan to just chill for the day, have a nice warm Taro Milk Tea (my favouriteor a warm sweet tofu for dessert. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like noise, then you won’t probably like Bubble World. Customers there can get pretty loud. If you are with your friends, it would be a good idea to go there and gossip (lol).


The above picture is the Deep Fried Fish Fillet. It comes with 3 mini side dishes and a hot sweet and sour sauce. It has always been the safest dish to pick. You can never go wrong. My friends love this too. Sometimes we all order the same thing which is crazy but it is the best so far. The Salty Peppery Chicken Nuggets is really good too. A must try!


The ambiance for me is nice. I like the idea that the condiments are just a grab away from your table. I’m a person who likes to experiment with the condiments a lot. Some of their hot pots are bland, maybe that’s is why they have the condiments available for anyone who wants it.

163459_1675958091285_6300672_n163619_1675958331291_3330497_n162600_1675957771277_3692979_nBUBBLE WORLD

That is Gerlie on the picture, a friend of mine. I just want to show how big the serving is.


When you order something in Chef’s Special, you will get all those sides. It can be sauteed bean sprout, tofu strips, some weird fried mushroom and rice with sesame seeds on top. They have a nice presentation of everything.

One thing I did not like is the service. It takes them a while before they serve your food and sometimes they can get snarky at customers which is not a good attitude. Another thing is that they are very particular with the tip. So make sure you give them a good tip, otherwise they won’t give you a nice welcome the next time you come in. All in all, the food is lovely.

Photo Credits to Vic Lester Visitacion

South Burnaby
4300 Kingsway,
V5H 1Z5

Bubble World 大頭仔 on Urbanspoon


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