Cafe Luxy I Davie St. Vancouver, BC

It was December of 201o, my friends and I opted to try Cafe Luxy. The Italian restaurant is located along Davie St. If you’re heading to English Bay then it’s situated to your right. The exterior was simple yet welcoming. It was not very busy when we got there. Upon entering we were escorted by one of the very friendly staff to our seats and while browsing their menu we were served with water right away. The server was very attentive and knowledgeable about their menus. The interior is pretty decent, clean washrooms.

The server helped us to pick the best pasta they could serve. We decided to order different kinds and we’ll just share so we can try everything. A basket of garlic bread and balsamic dip was served for appy. Everybody loved it, we wanted more but we were just to bashful to ask for more.

cafe luxy

The restaurant has a small bar on the side as well. They serve beer, wine, cider, and cocktails. It was a quite evening for the restaurant and aside from us there’s only 4 other people dining in there that time. Our pastas arrived in our table fairly quick. The portions are huge. On my first bite, I thought it’s very good. I think I ordered the Linguine con Brandy prawns, scallops, mussels with a light tomato brandy sauce. It’s very tasty! I loved it so much. I like that we have parmesan cheese on the table. The light tomato sauce sprinkled with generous amount of parmesan is just divine. The prawns and mussels are fresh and chunky.


Below is the Penne alla Cajun chicken, mushrooms, broccoli with tomato cream Cajun sauce.


Tortellini Pollo al Pesto spinach tortellini, chicken with cream pesto sauce


We tried each others plate. We enjoyed the goodness of fresh pasta in Cafe Luxy. We were able to finish the huge portions in our plate not because we paid too much and we don’t want to waste but because we just can’t stop until it’s all gone. We savoured every bite.

I really enjoyed our dining experience in Cafe Luxy. Given the chance to be able to visit Vancouver again, Neil and I will probably hit Cafe Luxy.

Cafe Luxy
1235 Davie St
Cafe Luxy on Urbanspoon

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