Falafel King I Calgary, AB

Neil, Gerlie and I were searching for a nice restaurant for lunch. In Stephen’s Avenue, you’ll find lots of bar and pubs. Most of the good restaurants are scattered all over Calgary. I suggested Falafel King because I have been craving for chicken shawarma for a long time. Neil and I used to always have a Chicken Shawarma Plate in English Bay when we don’t feel like cooking or when we wanted a treat. I love everything in their shawarma plate. The tabouleh, chicken, the greek salad and even the pita and hummus dip. Everything was just lovely and addicting.

So we got in and I was not impressed with the place. I din not like the ambiance, it was a bit dark inside and gloomy and the server was not very accomodating. When she gave me my shawarma plate, I was a little disappointed on how it looks like. I saw the drying chopped parsley on the side. I was expecting tabouleh on my plate. Then I wondered what’s the pink thing on my plate as well as I haven’t seen something like it before and I was so hesitant to eat something I do not even know. That’s the only thing I did not like though. The extra Baklava and Falafel on my plate made me happy.

I tried the chicken, hummus and rice and it was pretty good. I though it’s not too bad at all. But I can’t stop comparing it to the one in English Bay which is way much yummier. I did eat everything on my plate except for the drying parsley and the pink who knows.Falafel KingFalafel Kingbaklavadonairdonairchicken shawarma

All in all, the experience wasn’t too bad. Maybe I’d go back when I crave for a chicken shawarma plate again. Neil and Gerlie enjoyed their Donairs.

225 8 Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 1B9

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2 thoughts on “Falafel King I Calgary, AB

  1. Hi-
    The “pink stuff” is pickled cabbage. I much prefer pickled turnip but for some reason many Lebanese places in Calgary make this pickled cabbage. Pink from beet juice just as with the turnip.

    The best restaurants in Calgary actually aren’t really spread out, actually. There are lots of fine restaurant on Stephen Ave; Catch, Belvedere, DIvino, Teatro, Murrietta’s, The Trib, all on Stephen. The neighbourhoods adjacent to downtown- Kensington, Beltline, 17th Avenue SW, Inglewood, Mission- are where all the action is. Suburbs are best ignored though the best Indian is in the NE of the city and the best Vietnamese in Forest Lawn in the SE. Otherwise, you can walk to pretty much 99% of the best-reviewed places from a downtown hotel or a short ride on the C-Train.

    Beautiful blog!

    John Manzo (jfmanzo on urbanspoon)

    • Hi John,
      Thank you for the information. It looked like cabbage to me but I did not know how they made it pink. Now I know. We are almost always in Stephen’s Ave whenever we drive up to Calgary but we haven’t tried most of the fine restaurants there. We have been to Murrietta’s and Thomsons Restaurant. The food in both restaurant is lovely. We enjoyed Pannekoek as well except for the huge line up. We’ll try more when we go back. We haven’t been to those that you mentioned and I would definitely consider those.

      Thank you John. Your blog is amazing!

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