Fogg n’ Suds I Richmond, BC

Fogg n’ Suds is the very first restaurant/pub I tried here in Canada. It was 4 years ago and I cannot fail to think the experience I had. The servings are huge! Just by looking at my plate I’m already stuffed. The servers there are outstanding, very attentive and make sure the customers are satisfied with everything. I understand the limited list of the menu because Fogg n’ Suds is a pub, though me and my friends had no choice because we are not allowed to wander too far from the Holiday Inn hotel. The pub is attached to the hotel and there’s nothing fancier than Fogg n’ Suds in the neighborhood. The closest possible other than the pub was McDonalds. So everyday for 10 days, we had a Fogg n’ Suds for lunch and supper. The hotel serve us muffins, cookie and coffee during breakfast.


The Calamari Plate is my favourite. It’s a lightly breaded and seasoned squid served with onion, tzatziki, pita bread and greek salad on the side. The portion is humongous. I can have the one calamari plate for 3 meals. Save me some money. (lol)

fogg n' suds burger

This is the Real Canadian Burger. Topped with melted aged cheddar and Canadian back bacon with added chopped sausages underneath the whopping angus beef patty and fries on the side. I’m not really a fan of burgers but the this one made me drool. It’s my friend’s plate and she made me try a portion of it. It’s so different from the burgers in our country. Half of this serving is good for 1 person.

fish and chips

The Fogg n’ Suds Fish and Chips. I was not to impressed. There’s nothing special with it.

The experience was unforgettable. I would go back with my friends when we feel like reminiscing our first days here in Canada. I don’t have anything to comment about the place and the service as they we’re excellent. One thing for sure, I gained 5 pounds in 10 days of dining in Fogg n’ Suds.

10720 Cambie Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 3K9

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