Original Joe’s I Stephen’s Avenue, Calgary

It was St Patrick’s Day of 2012. Neil and I drove up to Calgary to celebrate the Irish national Holiday. We walked along Stephen’s Avenue, saw Leprechaun looking people on the streets. Pubs have deals and one of pubs who had the best deal that time was Original Joe’s. They had a 2 dollar Guinness that made us interested to get in. It’s kinda busy and the place became so tight for everyone. Honestly, I did not like the lay out of the pub, it’s kinda weird.
Original Joes

We ordered some fish tacos. They call it Long Beach Tacos. They’re amazingly refreshing. So far the best in the pub.

Long Beach Fish Tacos

blackened mahi mahi seared in a light chili lime sauce, avocado, lettuce, roma tomato, green onion, cilantro and our house made chipotle sauce, folded into lightly grilled flour tortillas

Fish Tacosbuffalo wingsWe had buffalo chicken wings as well. It was a bit expensive for the portion but it’s pretty tasty. The servers are not very attentive to customers. But all in all, the experience was good. We’ll go back again for the 2-bucks-guinness!

109 – 8th Ave SW
Calgary, AB T2P1B4
Original Joe's Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon


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