The Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine I Calgary, AB

We browsed Urbanspoon to look for a nice restaurant close to our hotel in MacLeod Trail. Himalayan Nepalese Cuisine was in the options. It has good reviews and ratings and so no second thoughts we drove to look for it. We haven’t tried a Nepalese cuisine yet so we thought it would be a great idea to try it. When we got there, we were greeted warmly by their staff. We loved the atmosphere right away, we thought the venue was very pleasant. The friendly staff escorted us to our seats and handed us the menu. Without even asking, they gave us ice cold water which was a sign of good service for me.

The himalayanthe himalayan
The table arrangement is neat. Somewhat 85% casual dining and 15 % fine dining. All the utensils are clean and clear.

the himalayanmango dip
They served us a complimentary flat bread with a mango and a sweet yogurt dip. The best cracker I’ve tried so far. I wanted to ask more but it wouldn’t be appropriate.

the himalayan
For starter, we had 6 pieces of Chicken Momo, nepali style dumplings. It’s minced chicken in a flour wrap with different kinds of herbs and spices mixed with it. It was steamed and was served with tomato and spiced base dipping sauce. It’s lovely and make you some more!

Another starter that we had was the Fish Tareko, basa fish cutlets dunked in a chick pea batter and fried to perfection. Served with hot sauce.

the himalayan
For the main course, we ordered Meat Dal Bhat with Chicken. Look at the size of it. The portion was huge! It was in a big round aluminum tray and there were 3 different kinds of curry on the side which is beef, spinach curry and butter chicken served with saffron rice, mango and yogurt dipping, salad and fresh naan bread. I loved the curry especially that it’s hot. The spinach was my favourite and everything else was absolutely gorgeous!

the himalayan

For dessert, we had the rice mango pudding. I can’t remember but I think this was a complimentary dessert if you ordered Dal Bhat. It was sweet, perfect for the spicy tongue.

If I were to go back again in Calgary, I would definitely hit The Himalaya Restaurant again. They are also offering buffets for lunch and dinner. It would be fun trying out a variety of Nepali dish.

Best of luck!

3218 17 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB
T3E 0B3
The Himalayan on Urbanspoon


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