Down in the Dumps

sad_dog (1)

I stare at the bright screen, browse and press the raised little black squares.

Searching for nothing, glaring at a distance,

Goggling at the space between the screen and my baby blues.

Tilting the head left and right, eyes moving sluggardly.

Everything seemed dreary, the head is sore and numb.

Worries came flashing, neck getting stiff,

Breathing heavily, sore back.

It’s happening again.

I did not want this to come but it just happens sometimes.

I did my best to avoid it but the stronger it becomes.

When I let myself go with the flow sometimes I feel better

But when the day is over, it’s back to where it came from.

I feel lethargic when this happens to me. I wanted to be excited

And get out off bed early but I don’t have the energy.

It felt like I’m dragging myself in order to get off.

I wanted to be enthusiastic but I just can’t seem to do.

I’m fighting the vapors but my body kept still.

I apologize I feel this way, it was never your fault at all.

This heavy-hearted feeling consumed my entire being.

I wanted to fly high, be cheerful and overjoyed

But this distressing feeling is truly pulling me down.

I was hoping this would end soon as I wanted to experience life.

I miss the cheerful lady I know it’s hiding inside.

You seemed upset about it but please do understand.

Please don’t get tired my baby as I’m striving hard to get back

To my old-self so happy and always so glad.

I wanted to get out of the dumps please tell me what to do.

Though I know how to start it,

I still need your help it’s true.

Don’t judge me when I tell you, I just need you to be there.

As this unhappy feeling will soon leave my mind and heart bare.

My dear just please be patient, I will be back in no time.

We’ll have those blissful moments back not just worth a dime.

We’ll walk on clouds on top of the world, we’ll be in the seventh heaven

So just stay put and don’t despair, I will be fine, I’ll see the light.

Just give me time don’t rush me and everything is gonna be alright.

by: PharmacistOnTheRocks