Shopping in Your Lingerie

Over the past decades, thousands or even millions of write-ups, commentary, reviews have been published online. As time goes by, e-tailers sprouted. Amazon, eBay, Groupon and lots of online shopping websites are now becoming a trend. You might end up being convinced that the World Wide Web will soon replace all outlet, boutiques, supermarket and it’s people. People finds it easier to just sit at home with the freedom from disturbance, and with just a few clicks they can decide what did they really want to pay for. No more troubles in finding a parking space, not harassed by a salesperson who follows you around the stall as if you’re sneaking away some of their items, no more pressure on what to wear for malling. You can buy anything you want as long as you have a credit card.

Even myself, I enjoy browsing the online shopping websites. I get so excited about the sales on designer handbags, shoes, dresses and even kitchen items. Just anything on sale makes me so delighted. Online shopping is fun and easy. You can even buy an auto in your lingerie and not get apprehended.

Based on my own experience, honest-to-goodness, online shopping is great. But there’s always a catch, a drawback not readily evident until you received what you have purchased and tried it on. The dress is too tight or too short. The shoe is not as comfortable as it looked like online. The beautiful sweater worn by a gorgeous model in the website is not as beautiful when you tried it on. On the bright side, it could be the perfect fit, perfect color, perfect made. It’s either you are pleased or dismayed. To catch a glimpse of the dress you wanted, stroke on the fabric and trying it on are the old-fashioned streak of doing shopping in which the majority of the population would still prefer.

Shoppers would go online to save time but some would end up sitting all day without purchasing anything. Time savings doesn’t always happen. Some would leave and abandon their shopping carts after sitting and browsing for 4 hours putting 10 items in their carts which frustrates the e-tailers. Though the people online are no different than the people who shop in retail stores, in actual retail you don’t fill up your shopping cart with items that you don’t really want to purchase. The bag, the sweater, the dress, the shoes in your shopping cart are all tried on and you yourself agreed they all looked good on you and that you wanted to buy them. You don’t grab things from the shelf, put it in your cart and after browsing for an hour you abandon them, well unless you’re a weirdo.

People browse websites to purchase a necessity and as they browse the site they end up purchasing more than what they needed. Why? The looks of the items, the sale price can be deceiving.

See, touch and try. For most people, the old-fashioned way is always a must before they are willing to part with their back-breaking, laborious hard-earned salary. Purchasing an expensive item online would be too risky. Experiencing the product first would be safer.

On the other hand, shopping online is enjoyable for some people. Wake up on a Saturday morning, open your laptop and browse for sale items. There’s the convenience of being able to shop in you lingerie, on your bed, at home and the ease of comparison of prices from one website to another. No more driving around from one store to another to see the availability of the item and for checking prices. Save gas, save energy.

Be Smart.

In my opinion, I think online shopping is a fun convenient way to shop. It just depends on the item you wanted to purchase. Accessories for a DSLR like tripods, lens filters, bags, kitchen and bathroom accessories, shoe organizers are just examples of what you can buy online. Websites have competitive prices for each item.

Purchase only the things you need. Do not be outwitted by e-tailers trying to get rid of a decade-old stock. The prices could be cheaper but don’t just stop there. You want to make sure you have checked a few more sites before you proceed to checkout.¬†After a few days of purchase, check your credit card statements. Make sure there’s no fraudulent transactions. If you notice any unusual transactions then phone your bank right away. Having said that, before purchasing anything, optimize the security settings of your computer to ensure that your account and credit card details are being dealt with safely and to prevent malicious programs that can alter transactions.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the shipping costs as well. When a seller is trying to make up for a low sale price, shipping are sometimes padded and be the prime expenditure for pricey and heavy items.

Expensive items should always be purchased in retail stores after experience like furniture, designer bags-coats-shoes-dresses, cellphones, computers, DSLR’s, televisions etc. You want to make sure you’re purchasing an authentic product.

Make sure you are perceptive about the complete purchasing process. Know who you are bargaining with. Know what you are about to purchase. Be confident you will get what you have paid for. Be smart.