Health Matters : Whey Protein and it’s Benefits


Whey is a truly amazing supplement, because not only has it been proven to help build muscle, improve physical performance, sharpen mind, enhance circulatory system function, but it also has potent anti-aging effects and improves motivation. Another incredible effect that Whey Protein has on the body is that it enhances the production of the body’s most powerful anti-oxidantGlutathione. It also has the highest levels of branch-chain amino acids, which boosts the immune system functioning.

Inadequate protein consumption is linked to many conditions such as osteoporosis, weak immune system, fragile soft nails, thinning hair, wrinkled skin, lack of muscle tone, sagging chin, breast cancer, edema, urinary incontinence, hormonal dysfunction, heart problems, poor wound healing, increased aging, hypoglycemia, poor digestion and even depression due to lack of serotonin.

Whey protein is an excellent choice for individuals of all ages who value the role of diet in helping maintain and improve their health.

Adding Protein To Your Diet

1. Can help create macronutrient balance for weight management

2. Helps curb the appetite by slowing the transport of nutrients through the gut.

3. Builds lean muscle mass, increasing metabolism, strength and well-being.


Whey protein is a soluble, very easy to digest protein. Since it is in a powdered form, it is also very useful when you need a quick fix.

It is especially useful in the mornings. Your muscles will be craving for more food in the morning since most of the time you won’t have eaten since dinner. Having a protein shake prior to or alongside breakfast will satisfy your muscles quickly and allow them to continue to rebuild as well as dampening hunger drive later in the day.

Other Key Benefits 

1. Boosts memory

2. Relieves depression and insomnia

3. Rebuilds cartilage in bone

4. Helps lower blood pressure

5. Promotes healthy insulin secretion

6. Reduces overall sensation of pain

7. Directly boosts the immune system because it contains immunoglobulins

Protein powders can either be cooked or mixed into a smoothie made from organic fruit, vegetables or yogurt. The powder can also be stirred into milk, juice or filtered water. Adding your own frozen or fresh berries to blended meal replacement shakes adds variety and phytonutrients. Choose a protein powder that is low in sugar and doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners.

The importance of protein for optimal health cannot be overstated. Practically everyone an benefit in some way from whey protein supplementation.


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Just Let Go, Don’t Be Scared

Upon browsing my Multiply Account, I found this note. It was written by Kel PM, my elder sister. I wanted to share this with you. I hope you like it!

Loss is Loss

I have been so scared now of getting close to people.  Attachments seem to bring a lot of trouble. Why? Because every time I get acquainted with people and started to build connection with them and then whatever bond I have has come to an end, the sense of loss can be overwhelming including feelings of uncertainty, fear and despair.  Loss is loss even if it occurred in an unlikely manner.

Loss of attachment supervenes every time I meet up with persons who shows care and affection but for some reasons I unintentionally hurt them. When this person started to vanish in my life, why do I get affected when I shouldn’t be?  Why don’t I want this person to be away?  Could it be because I’m used to this person’s presence?  Why do I feel pain?  Are these the repercussions of letting people invade my life?  Life is too complicated.

It is truly hard to let go for me when I have already established an attachment.  But things and way of life should be changed, as they say there is no permanent in this world. I know now that there are things in life that we can’t hold on forever, no matter how much we fight for it.  Sometimes destiny is not always good – it becomes playful.  Once in a while we meet someone and we may contemplate that it’s destiny that made our paths crossed.  But what if making our paths crossed is just part of the game that destiny create? Making us realized in the end that the person we thought that was destined for us was not really meant to stay but only destined to make us feel loved.  

By: Kel Montero-Mendoza 2006

My sister is one hell of a writer!

People can get very sentimental. Why? Because memories are always there. Memories do not change when everything else in this world does. She was truly right that in this life , there are things that we cannot hold on forever no matter how much you fight for it. Destiny? Don’t get fooled by that word. You are making your own choices hence you are creating your own destiny.

Nothing lasts forever. It is true. Forever is a lie. Even the universe can change. Everything is transitory. It is painful to let go of someone because we have been attached to the “forever” lie.

We all have experienced this kind of heartache and I know for sure that maybe 2 out of 5 heartbroken people wished that they were limited only to certain emotions to never experience pain. That is not how it works. Would you rather have a heart thats numb? Or a broken heart but real? If you choose a numb heart, how will you ever know the word “love”? Love is the best thing ever existed. It can be magic for everyone. It changes the evil to good. It makes the world go round.

If you’re heartbroken, remember that you are not the only existing human in the world. There are others who might be in the same situation as yours. Just let the pain make you stronger. Someday, you’ll be looking back to the days your heart is in agony and you’ll be laughing at your old dumb self realizing how stupid you were. We learn from our mistakes and mistakes make one hell of a journey. That how life is.

Live, love and take whatever pain it brings.