Good Morning Sunshine

good morning sunshine

Mornings are inspiring, exciting, stimulating. Though we have different attitude upon waking up, it’s always good to greet the morning with a smile rather than a cranky face. I must admit that on a weekday, I find it hard to get off my comfy bed even if I slept like a baby. I love to stay for a bit and snooze for a little while. The thought of going to work stresses me out but it’s just about getting ready. When I’m at work everything seemed normal. I used to not like mornings before but I now realized mornings are not too bad at all. I remember when I was still in my mom and dad’s care, my mother would woke me up saying, “Wake up my dear, it’s a beautiful morning.” She wanted me to join her for a cup of coffee with my dad. They would talk about their plans for the day while I enjoy dipping the sweet buns in my cup of joe. She would tell me that rising up early is good for the mind and body. Whenever I get up kinda grumpy, I always remind myself to smile and think about how beautiful the morning was, that I am still alive, that I am lucky to be still breathing, that I am loved.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive — to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.” Marcus Aurelius

Rising early in the morning gives me more time to do my turf as well. It’s always better than waking up late and staying up late. The longer the day for me, the better.

sun rays

Our attitude on a daybreak reveals our nature. Bestir ourselves to a wonderful kick-start and we’ll admit that every single day gives us unexpected supernatural occurences that brings happiness to our lives.

We are fortunate each morning that we wake up breathing and witness the fascinating charm of the rising sun, hear the birds singing, enjoy the scent of a lovely breakfast, the aroma of brewed coffee, the hot shower that streams onto our body touching our soul, the smile and the early morning hug, the touch of gentle morning breeze on our face. We might have lenghty and cloudy bygones but with just one smile and it will make the whole day better.

“May your joys be as bright as the morning, and your sorrows merely be shadows that fade in the sunlight of love. May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet, enough trials to keep you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, enough hope to keep you.” -Irish Blessings

“Every morning when I get up, the first thing I decide is: What do I want? Misery? Blissfulness? What am I going to choose today? And it happens that I always choose blissfulness. It is my choice, it is my life.”-Abdullah



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Our Friendly Furry Neighborhood

Our Furry Neighbor

Once upon a time in a sunny afternoon

Neil and I went for a run

We met this cute little thing

A black and white domestic short hair

I named her Paws.



Such a cutie, such a sweetie

Made our day so happy

After the fun, we had to leave

Sad but soon we’ll meet again

Our friendly furry neighborhood


Just Let Go, Don’t Be Scared

Upon browsing my Multiply Account, I found this note. It was written by Kel PM, my elder sister. I wanted to share this with you. I hope you like it!

Loss is Loss

I have been so scared now of getting close to people.  Attachments seem to bring a lot of trouble. Why? Because every time I get acquainted with people and started to build connection with them and then whatever bond I have has come to an end, the sense of loss can be overwhelming including feelings of uncertainty, fear and despair.  Loss is loss even if it occurred in an unlikely manner.

Loss of attachment supervenes every time I meet up with persons who shows care and affection but for some reasons I unintentionally hurt them. When this person started to vanish in my life, why do I get affected when I shouldn’t be?  Why don’t I want this person to be away?  Could it be because I’m used to this person’s presence?  Why do I feel pain?  Are these the repercussions of letting people invade my life?  Life is too complicated.

It is truly hard to let go for me when I have already established an attachment.  But things and way of life should be changed, as they say there is no permanent in this world. I know now that there are things in life that we can’t hold on forever, no matter how much we fight for it.  Sometimes destiny is not always good – it becomes playful.  Once in a while we meet someone and we may contemplate that it’s destiny that made our paths crossed.  But what if making our paths crossed is just part of the game that destiny create? Making us realized in the end that the person we thought that was destined for us was not really meant to stay but only destined to make us feel loved.  

By: Kel Montero-Mendoza 2006

My sister is one hell of a writer!

People can get very sentimental. Why? Because memories are always there. Memories do not change when everything else in this world does. She was truly right that in this life , there are things that we cannot hold on forever no matter how much you fight for it. Destiny? Don’t get fooled by that word. You are making your own choices hence you are creating your own destiny.

Nothing lasts forever. It is true. Forever is a lie. Even the universe can change. Everything is transitory. It is painful to let go of someone because we have been attached to the “forever” lie.

We all have experienced this kind of heartache and I know for sure that maybe 2 out of 5 heartbroken people wished that they were limited only to certain emotions to never experience pain. That is not how it works. Would you rather have a heart thats numb? Or a broken heart but real? If you choose a numb heart, how will you ever know the word “love”? Love is the best thing ever existed. It can be magic for everyone. It changes the evil to good. It makes the world go round.

If you’re heartbroken, remember that you are not the only existing human in the world. There are others who might be in the same situation as yours. Just let the pain make you stronger. Someday, you’ll be looking back to the days your heart is in agony and you’ll be laughing at your old dumb self realizing how stupid you were. We learn from our mistakes and mistakes make one hell of a journey. That how life is.

Live, love and take whatever pain it brings.